Director of IT Services

After serving as a network administrator with operations duties for five years, Larry took the position of IT Manager at UMS in October of 1997. His degree in programming, as well as extensive experience with data manipulation, has become a valuable asset to UMS.  Along with managing the IT department, he has also built templates and established procedures to streamline the processing of jobs handled by his department.  He also has the roles of telecom administrator and network administrator and has built and maintains the network infrastructure.  Serving the role of IT Tech, he builds and maintains all of the computers and provides help desk support.  As a purchasing agent for the company, he researches new hardware components and software packages to determine if they would work in the various departments of UMS.  Larry places an emphasis on quality and works under this principal, “If I were the client and I received the bill for the job, would I want to pay it?”  If the answer is not yes, then he is not satisfied with the level of service being provided.  With 14 years of experience in the mailing industry with UMS, Larry joined the Board of Directors in July of 2011.