Virtual Systems, a leading provider of Print and Mail MIS software, announced that UMS, a print and mail marketing firm, has implemented Virtual Systems’ Midnight software.

Based in Charlotte NC, UMS was acquired by its current owners in 2011 and has since become one of the leading providers of print and mail services to clients in the region. “Since acquiring the company we have made notable strides in expanding the business beyond our initial mailing roots, including the addition of new print capabilities, data analytics, and client marketing programs”, says Jim Heintz, CEO of UMS. “We are leveraging new technology to achieve business efficiency gains. Since implementing Midnight software we have gained job-level P&L abilities, centralized several islands of data into one, and cut our billing turn down to 2 days”, added Ken Reiter, COO of UMS.

For its customers, UMS anticipates quicker turns on estimates, new online proofing capabilities, and online job status updates. Furthermore, customers will directly benefit from the broad range of work planning, scheduling and tracking that Midnight provides.

“The coolest thing about working with UMS is that they are devoted to continuous process improvement in their use of the Midnight software platform, which is a key differentiator between typical companies and industry profit leaders,” said Chris Huber, President of Virtual Systems. “For example, UMS has successfully completed their latest wave of business process objectives and already has a slate of next steps for their system such as launching the Salesforce™ CRM integration, mobile inventory app, online customer portal, and standardized pricing.”

About Virtual Systems: Virtual Systems’ award winning Midnight software is 100% browser based and can be run from either the cloud or on premise at your location. Access your information from anywhere using tablets and mobile devices. With powerful dashboards and APIs, companies can easily manage all facets of their business. The revolutionary technology allows companies to leverage all their investments to gain a competitive edge and ultimately please customers.

About UMS: As a direct marketing solution for more than 32 years, UMS consistently surpasses the expectations of their clients. Under the new leadership of Jim Heintz and Mark Ingram, they embarked on a transformation in 2011, which included a rebranding of the company and a focus on growth through technology. In addition, they launched a retirement living vertical initiative, which has now grown into a separate company called Senioroi.